How Do I Find Meaning In Life?

Alarm. Get kids up. Grab breakfast. Drop Kids Off. Work. Home. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

This was my routine for years! I went about my days focused on just trying to get by. Occasionally I incorporated activities with my friends that were fun, but something in me still felt empty. It literally felt like I was living a Groundhog Day life....stuck on repeat with no purpose.

Things began to change as I showed to church one Sunday Morning. There was something that sparked within in me and over time a little hope crept in, but I still wasn't fulfilled. And eventually I grew frustrated and questioned my own existence. This launched me into the pursuit of finding what I now reference as my PURPOSE!

You see, what I've found is that purpose is not an activity that is confined to Sunday mornings or a sales transaction for your business. It is searching (PURSUING) and seeking the understanding of why you were created (PURPOSE). Purpose isn't something you can turn on or off, it is embedded in who you are. A culmination of gifts, talents, experience and knowledge, packaged within you to make a difference in the life of someone else. THAT'S RIGHT! Fulfillment comes in the divine understanding of knowing how your unique person impacts the lives of others.

Purpose can be fulfilled through hobbies, entrepreneurship, employment or serving on a volunteer basis. The key, is understanding what your Purpose is and putting it into action!

As you connect and follow me you will see that I have a passion for helping others PURSUE PURPOSE and find fulfillment. If you have yet to discover purpose I want you to get a copy of the Purpose Journal today. It's time for you to find fulfillment and hope in your life. Don't let another dull day, week or year go by. Make the decision to change today.

Purposefully Yours,

Vanika Lewis


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