Why You Can't Afford Not To Grow!

Ladies, you know I like to keep it real, so I'm going to be really transparent with you right now. The last couple of months were really rough for me. Navigating the shift with the Shelter In Place (SIP) stirred up frustration and anger for me. I was comfortable with the routine I had established and had just gotten into the flow I mapped out to reach my 2020 Goals. Y'all..... I had my whole year planned and was selling you a Planner to help you get your life! LOL. And BAM , out of no where Corona shows up and changes everything.  What's funny is I consider myself a go with the flow type of person, but having everything change just wasn't working and I know I'm not alone.

So one day I'm sitting in my car complaining to God about how this isn't fair. I know I'm a favorite of His and that He listens to me, so I was hoping to hear Him speak to me and give confirmation about how this wouldn't last long and how He was going to conquer Corona. As I sat there awaiting revelation of His brilliant plan I was convicted. The Holy Spirit gently began to remind me that God doesn't move according to my wants and desires, and that He loves me but not enough to bend His will to my own selfish desires. He also began to tell me that not only did I need to learn to be grateful in this season but that I needed to GROW in this season. Of course I began to question what I was hearing. “Grow? What do you mean grow? Haven’t I grown enough over the last year? Can I have a break?”. As you can imagine I got some answers, and that’s why I’m writing you today. Because I know that the clarity I received needs to be shared. Here it is….


The COVID-19 pandemic is going to cause a major shift. Things will never go back the way they were before. Think about times in the bible where we witnessed life altering events: Eve and the forbidden fruit, Noah and the flood, Moses and the escape of the Israelite’s from Egypt, etc. There are times when events occur that cause a shift that catapults us into a new normal. When this occurs the most dangerous thing you can do is cling to what you knew before, because realistically you will never be able to go back to the way things were. And if you spend to much time complaining or looking back you will suffer (think of Lots wife). As I began to really process this I had to release my frustration and anger and begin to ask for understanding. What exactly does growth look like in this season? How can I grow personally?

The first area I realized I needed resolve in was releasing my frustration and anger and replacing it with gratefulness. During this pandemic I have had to work like crazy, but my bills are paid, I have shelter and my family is healthy. Your situation may look a little different, but what things can you be grateful for in this season? How has God kept you?

The second realization I had was that I needed to adjust and prepare. Meaning, that I needed to understand that things will not be the same and instead of complaining I needed to begin to look ahead and see how I can adjust. One example of this is planning for my daughters High School Graduation. I had been really excited about throwing her a party with friends and family, food and decor. When the SIP began I remained hopeful that it would be over by the time graduation came around, so of course I made no alternate plans. As I was convicted this is something that I knew I needed to address. Waiting wasn’t going to solve anything, and in fact failing to adjust and not having anything in place when the day came would be detrimental. Time waits for no one, so adjusting and planning ensures that you don’t get left behind with each passing day. What things have you been avoiding that you need to face? What adjustments can you make to ensure that you aren’t stuck as time progresses?

Lastly, I realized that the longer I stayed stuck, the longer the people I’m called to impact stay stuck. When we operate in and on purpose we recognize that our actions impact others. When we fail to move, we cause those who we are called to impact to be stuck too. It is vital that you lead by example and show what it looks like to press forward in the midst of adversity. Who have you been called to lead and be an example to? Is it your family, your co-workers, your friends?


As you answer each of these questions I pray that you begin to realize why you can’t afford not to grow in this season. Sis, I know things are hard but the reality is that things as we knew it are no more and with each passing day the more you hold on to what was the more you plan to fail.

Today I pray, that the conviction that hit me hits you and that you can take some time to adjust. I pray that you realize how important it is shift and show others what it looks like to be grateful in a time of turmoil. Because YOU CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO GROW!


If you're ready to take a big leap and grow, use the following resources:

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Purposefully yours,

Vanika Lewis

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